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Najavljujemo predavanje suradnice projekta Pije Šmalcelj Novaković „SOUTHEAST PERIPHERY OF The KHAGANATE – COMMUNICATION KEY OF LATE ANTIQUE INFLUENCE“ koji će se održati u sklopu aktivnosti HAEMUS International Research Network udruženja, online 30.1.2023. g u 16:00 h (+1:00 UTC).

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Sažetak predavanja: 

 Western Syrmia, which is located on the very border of Central Europe and the Balkans, is traditionally considered a part of the southeast periphery of the eighth-century Avar Khaganate. Even if the region is in under “barbarian” control, archaeological and historical indications highlight the legitimacy of the theories on the strong influence of Late Antique provincial/Mediterranean culture in the region. This may be observed through the “survival” of certain activities and/or skills (e.g. goldsmithing), and a great receptivity of the population of these areas to the Mediterranean “fashion” or cultural expression. This could also be witnessed through indications of increased communication in this area with the East, possibly for the sake of trade. Thus, the term “periphery”—which is often used in studies describing the Avar cultural circles—applied not only to Western Syrmia, but also the whole of the south-eastern part of the Khaganate, with regards to the Byzantine cultural circles, becomes ambiguous, as the region could represent one of the keys to understanding the cultural influences at a lower social level than the elite in the Early Mediaeval Carpathian Basin. In this lecture, we will focus on this issue, by relying on the concrete example of two Late Avar cemeteries, through the analysis of the broader archaeological and historical context. This presentation is part of the activities of the project “Life on the Roman Road: Communications, Trade, and Identities on Roman Roads in Croatia from 1st – 8th CE” (UIP-05-2017-9768) of the Institute of Archaeology in Zagreb, funded by Croatian Science Foundation, under the leadership of Ivana Ožanić Roguljić.


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