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Book  of abstracts.

Eating and drinking along ancient roads and rivers: Study opportunities, archaeological sources and open issues about diet habits” Roads and rivers 3,  11th to 12th Nov. 202 .

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Diet may reveal as much about a community’s identity as the language it uses. The form it takes depends on the natural and climatic factors influencing the local agricultural production. During the past, changes in habits, a new dietary culture, and increased trade in various products appeared. The interdisciplinary research that includes various archaeological and archaeometric methods and experimental archaeology allows us to interpret the process from production to food consumption and even further effects on health and quality of life. Papers on the distribution, consummation and diet reconstructions from the Roman to early Medieval period are welcome.

Themes of the conference:

  • Distribution and consumation of goods from Roman to early Medieval period: material evidence
  • Archaeobotanical and archaeological evidence from Roman to early Medieval period
  • Diet reconstruction based on dentoalveolar pathologies and stable isotopes
  • Food in experiment

You can download program and book of abstracts (PDF)

Scientific conference program

Book  of abstract

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